The Croydon Peace Tree project was established in August 2012, and the project originally planned to raise awareness of world Peace Day in Croydon. The peace day project, involved gathering positive messages from citizens in Croydon, to mark Peace Day (21st September) in Croydon, a year on from the riots. Look at our album ‘Croydon Peace Tree’ on our official Facebook page  to see how the project turned out!
The peace day project plans could not have been possible without the help and support of the Croydon Labour Party (mainly Croydon Labour party organiser, James May)- who helped on a non-party political basis. The party helped us by creating a Facebook and Twitter account, as well as providing the resources to print and laminate the Peace Day messages.
Please note: The Peace Tree is not funded by any political party, and does not associate itself to any political party. We aim to bring a wide range of news that involves various political and non-political groups within Croydon.We hope the Croydon Peace Tree can inform you about peaceful and positive events/ news taking place in Croydon! If you are from Croydon and you have some news to share or any questions/queries, contact us;
Please support the project by visiting our other Croydon Peace Tree pages:
Support the call for peace in Croydon today! 🙂 Thank you.